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So I've been eating mostly plants, mostly minimally refined, to tame my chronic inflammation. It works well for me when I do it, but I'm not judgmental of myself when I don't do it, so I seem to cycle in and out of that approach to food depending on a lot of things: my energy for it, how hot it is in the house, what James feels like eating, etc. Lately, I'd say about 90% of my meals are plants, mostly unrefined starches, and my pain levels are really low.

I'll confess that some of this is fear-based because of the Suicide Disease: I started back on this stuff after the zebras invaded my head. The logic was: nerve inflammation? What do I do about inflammation? I eat less fat/meat/junk! because it works. So yeah.

One thing that's fun for me is figuring out stuff to eat that both reduces my inflammation AND is genuinely delicious, not just okay. My prime examples are watermelon and pasta. I mean, I would happily eat them every day no matter how they affected my body, but they happen to be really good choices for me, painwise. I have a vague idea to start a food blog again -- this time one with lots of plant foods and zero weight-loss talk -- but we'll see how much extra energy I have once the job situation settles out. I did start an Instagram called [ profile] wfpbfatchick (wfpb = whole-foods plant-based), if that's anything you'd be interested in looking at. It also has lots of selfies of me, and who couldn't use more of those in their lives?

Hush, you.

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