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State of the Serene
Have been spending most of my online time elsewhere, but I miss this place. No, not Facebook. SparkPeople.

Hard to believe it was three weeks ago that I was in the ER for Wacky Heart Syndrome (also known as atrial fibrillation). I was afraid to do all the medicine-wrangling that is necessary with this new diagnosis, but it's working out okay, between getting good medical care and doing what I can to strengthen my heart (and lower inflammation). I literally cried when I had to give up my beloved NSAIDs, but it's okay. If anything, I'm in less pain now than I was before, which I attribute to the anti-inflammation diet I've been on (vegan, little or no added fat).

SparkPeople is where I spend most of my online time now. It's great for recording my food and exercise, and I also use it as an outlet for talking about food and diet stuff, which is generally not welcome in the spaces I frequent (and understandably so). It has been remarkably easy to find community there that supports my no-body-hatred rule.

I like my fat body, and do not care if I lose a pound, but that also means I don't mind if my body gets bigger or smaller as the result of dietary changes I make for other reasons, like my heart health.

So yeah, I'm back. I'll still keep my food and body stuff mostly on SparkPeople, but I wanted to give a little update on where I've been.

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I'm glad you are able to find food information and support that doesn't come with any judgement attached. I try to keep Kevin on a mostly anti-inflammatory diet due to his neuropsych disorder, and I've had another parent accuse me of putting him on a diet. *blink* Um, no. Just because I don't let him drink soda doesn't mean I'm obsessing about his weight. I'm obsessing about his brain/immune system reaction and his subsequent mental health.


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